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Stranger, I ♥ you

June 11, 2009

My friend was traveling on an overnight coach from London today. It was a long journey – over seven hours in then end, so there was a lot of ‘bonding’ time with the fellow passengers. By turn they were chatty or quiet, trying to sleep or accepting of the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen. By the end of the journey, they were all on relatively friendly terms.

As they were disembarking, one of them gave my friend a little gift saying simply, “Good luck with the rest of your journey.”

Heart FrontHeart Back

It’s a paper good luck charm, and one side is written

“Achieve your potential!
17 Words for Success
Believe       Love       Listen
Trust       Prepare       Persist
Pray       Change       Choose
Accept        Act       Smile
Focus       Forgive       Wait
Risk       Relax”

and on the other

Love       Patient       Gentleness       Self-control       
Faithful       Kind       Joy       Peace       Goodness

I wanted to blog about it because it feels like every day we’re fed messages of fear and hate about strangers (our fellow man), and here is someone who has confounded that message. People are people the world over. Some are not the types you’d want to hang around with too much, but most of us are pretty similar. And some even feel moved to share kindnesses with perfect strangers.

Thank you, stranger.

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