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Sitting, waiting…

December 30, 2009

Overseeing Construction

Hello. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are still enjoying a restful ‘festive period.’

I’m off to Cape Town today, to meet up with a fellow EEP, who’s having some RnR by the sea. I’m looking forward to it – though I’m curious to find out what I’m going to think of temperatures averaging 20–22 C. It’s been around 37 here for the last month or so. (I’ve packed ‘layers’ and a swim suit.)

I’m currently sitting in Gaborone airport, using their free net access, drinking tea (I’m sure I’m getting more hooked on it here than I was in the UK!), and trying out a new off-line editor I’ve installed, which I hope will mean I can still blog while I’m away, without it costing me a fortune to roam.

The app’s called BlogJet, which I only mention because they’ve given me a template ‘Testing BlogJet’ post to play with, and a free 30–day trial, so I suppose it’s only nice to help out their marketing dept .

Even though my flight isn’t for another hour, I jump every time I hear an announcement over the tanoy (that’s a PA to the non-Brits). I have Travel Angst. I’m alright once I’ve reached the point of no return/no action (sitting on the train/plane/bus), but until that moment… I can be a little stress bunny.

So this blog is mostly just to say hello, let you know that I’m away for the next week or so (though I hope I’ll still be able to post), and keep my mind off the fact that I’m terrified I’ll miss my flight (even though I’m sat here, in the middle of a small airport I probably couldn’t get lost in if I tried).

And if you look carefully at the picture at the top, you’ll make out a monkey – sitting in the extension that’s currently under construction here at the airport. Neat huh?

Oh – by the way, in case you missed it, I’ve added a bit to the side bar so you can subscribe to the blog. It should make it easier for you, so you don’t have to just keep coming back on spec. (Although I love my visitor stats, I thought it might make it easier for some of you if an email landed in your inbox when I post.)

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(I’ve edited this so you can actually stand a chance of seeing the monkey in the picture – hope it works this time! Oh – and added in the tags that I did put in before, but for some reason didn’t make it over. Clearly, still getting to grips with the editor! )

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