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I can haz wormz

June 29, 2010
"A can  of worms won't open itself" from Aaron Gustafson's Flickr  photostream

From Aaron Gustafson's Flickr photostream

You know when you start something… and you get a little way into it and realise that the can of worms you opened was actually full of other cans, with more worms…

And possibly more cans?


That’s pretty much how things have been here.

“We want a newsletter” opened up to reveal

  • what are we going to say?
  • who are we going to say it to?
  • how will we collect the information?
  • who is actually going to say it? (as in, write it)
  • when will we be saying it? (how often?)
  • how will we be saying it?
  • how do we make written material an effective communication stream in a predominantly aural society?

“We need a plan” opened up to reveal

  • what else do we need to achieve?
  • how do we best go about doing that?
  • who’s going to do it?
  • when are they going to do it?
  • where are they going to do it?

“It should be coordinated” opened up to reveal

  • who is going to coordinate it?
  • how are we going to get buy-in?
  • who are we going to coordinate with?
  • how are we going to communicate with them all?

“We’ll use email, SMS campaigns, training sessions, workshops, newsletters and other methods*” opened up to reveal

  • does the audience have access?
  • do we have access?
  • how do we build something that fits our needs?
  • how long is that going to take?
  • how do we maintain it?
  • how much is this going to cost?
  • can we do it another way?
  • how do we afford it?

“We’ll tell people what we’re planning to do, engage them, and gain their support” opened up to reveal

  • how exactly? Oh right, with the Comms Plan that we’re building on the Strategy that we’ll deliver through the comms infrastructure that we’re hoping they’re going to help us pay for… I remember…

I’ve been trying to answer these questions while I’ve been here (and a whole bunch of others too). It seems only polite since I’m the one who’s asked most of them. Now I have 10 weeks left, in which to bring everything to a point where I don’t feel like I’ll be leaving more questions than I’ve answered. Not that I can come up with neat fully completed solutions – that was never really the point of being here. But I can try to give sensible, practical suggestions for effective solutions to help the Diocese move to a better position than when I came.

Sometimes, on days like today, when it feels like all I’ve done is fight with technology and shift paper from one pile to another, it really does feel like I’m sitting in the centre of a multi-can explosion! In my mind’s eye I can see that sauce Heinz put their spaghetti in, all over the place, on everything, and my head feels like all the cogs are jammed up. So I’m hoping for a warm bed and a good night’s sleep, and that when I wake up tomorrow I’ll finally be able to crack on with my super-duper route through the worm-mess in my cats pajamas of a pair of emotional overalls!**

I’ll let you know how I do…

*Insert nifty uses of appropriate technologies and channels that readily come to mind.
**Fighting with wifi really shouldn’t reduce one to near tears! Even if one does loose.

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  1. Chris permalink
    June 30, 2010 8:42 am

    And I thought you’d contracted a nasty case of intestinal worms – I was wondering why you would post about that!!!

    • oneredsock permalink
      June 30, 2010 7:06 pm

      Haha! I like to share, but that might be a little too much! (And fortunately it’s not an editorial decision I’ve had to make so far!)

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