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I originally cornered off this little section of cyber space to share about my time as an Experience Exchange Programme volunteer in Botswana.

I’m back now, and I learnt a lot in my year a way, most of which I’m still processing.

I am however, keeping the blog going, and will continue to update you with news from Botswana, my thoughts upon coming home, what I’m doing now and plans for the future. I will also be using it for shameless self publication and advertisement, because I can.

If you would like to know more about what I’m doing now or what I did in Botswana, get in touch! Comments are welcome and there are a whole heap of different ways to get in touch with me. Trolls may be laughed at but will not be fed.

Don’t forget to sign up for updates direct to your inbox – there’s a sign-up box in the column on the right.

See you soon!

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