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Even though it should go without saying, I’m a ‘belts and braces’ type, so here it is.

All the opinions and views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated (ie, comments and Guest Posts). Nothing here is in any way endorsed or sanctioned by either USPG or the Anglican Diocese of Botswana.

I will always try to be fair, open and honest, but I do not know that I will always manage it. I am not the greatest wordsmith, nor do I claim to be. Moreover, I am only human, and liable to misinterpret situations and circumstances accordingly. At the same time, I am also hoping that I will continually challenge myself, my views, my assumptions and presumptions. So it’s entirely possible that I’ll change my mind on something at a later date.

I’m chiefly writing this disclaimer from a deep sense of paranoia. Everything you upload to the internet is indexed and stored ‘somewhere.’ We’ve now passed the tipping point where it is more costly to delete date than it is to store it. Which means that everything I write here now will be searchable in some form in perpetuity (or until we have a big tech crash and enter a new technological dark age, because, you know – it could happen). So if you’re reading these blog posts in 2019 (and no – I don’t know why you would be, but you never know) bear all that in mind.


(Incidentally, there will almost certainly be gross abuses of the rules of English grammar in this blog too. I’m sorry. I’ll hold my hands up to it now. I’m particularly sorry to all the people I’ve ever corrected and insisted were not allowed to start sentences with “And” or “But”, because I’m sure I shall do. As I said, I’m no great shakes as a writer, but in finding ‘my voice,’ I’m going to have to write in it – at least for a short while. I’m sure you understand.)

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