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Life: Rebooted

December 9, 2010

Hello there? How are you?

I’m good – and very sorry for the massive gap in posts. I can’t believe it’s been three and half months and I hope once I’ve told you what I’ve been up to that you’ll forgive my long absence…

In the last 11 weeks I have:

  1. Finally had all casts removed and resumed ‘normal’ activity (apparently this does not include running, skipping, lifting heavy boxes, doing the twist or wearing 5-inch heals).
  2. Been to visit my church in Leeds, all of whom I miss greatly and was so excited to see! I’m not sure when I’ll get down there again but I hope it won’t be too far into 2011!
  3. Given a presentation to the Mothers’ Union at my mum’s church about my time in Botswana. Read more…

Stepping up a gear

September 24, 2010
My leg in a bag, ready for a shower

Yesterday was a pretty big day. I turned a corner.

Last week I went back to the hospital to have my cast taken off. It was a big deal. At last! Freedom returned! I would be able to walk, to have a shower without putting a bag over my leg, to go up and down stairs. On. My. Own! I would be able to carry a cup of tea! You try doing that whilst wielding crutches in both hands. It would be bliss!

I was so excited. I spent a week planning my Post-Cast Shopping Trip… a dress, a pair of black jeans and a pair of boots. I’ve had my eye on them all, hoping they don’t sell out before I have my cast off and can try them on. I was looking forward to this more than I look forward to my birthday. And if you haven’t guessed by now, that’s a lot! Read more…

Back home

August 24, 2010

I’m back in the UK, sitting on my mum’s (very comfy) sofa in my (not quite so comfy) cast, splint and corset, eating cheese and yoghurt and ice-cream (not all at once) and trying my best to heal my little ol’ self back to healthy.

In spite of having my return flight pushed back by 24hrs not once but twice, I still feel as though my exit from Botswana was somewhat rushed. I suppose that’s only to be expected really. I did manage to have a wonderful Leaving Lunch at Sanitas (one of my favourite places to eat in Gabs) the day before I left. So many people were able to come – good friends, good food, and real sunshine! It was so good to be able to say goodbye properly, even if it was only semi-properly. Read more…

But why?

August 5, 2010

So hands up if you thought that was the end of my adventures on the bridge? Haha! That’s what I thought too.

When I got back to the middle (having been told by the Zim border man that he could hear my scream all the way over there!) lo and behold, there was fellow EEP, all strapped up and about to do his Swing! The Swing he probably wasn’t going to do. The Swing we were probably (eventually) going to discuss in a “I’ll do it if you do it” sort of a way and then both decide that we didn’t need to do at all. Read more…

Zip! Swing!

July 30, 2010
A view of Victoria Falls

So while I’m laid up in hospital I can give you the update I was hoping to give you last week – about my awesome adventures at Victoria Falls…

We have a long holiday in July for President’s Day. This year it was the 19th for President’s Day, and the 20th to get back to where ever it is you normally live and work. So I decided to take the opportunity to head north, meet up with a fellow EEP, and experience one of the seven wonders of the natural world… Read more…


July 26, 2010

Hi,Apologies if this isn’t well written… I’m currently battling a strong dose of pethodone, becaue I got hit by a car on my way to work this morning.
I’m ok – spinal x-rays are all good. Staying overnight for pain management and obs.
Just thought I’d let you know though. It being a new experience and everything.
Take care

Talk to me

July 22, 2010
"have a nice day"

Howdy! How are you? Been a while but I’m back now (internet willing) and have some very exciting things to tell you about. They’re all a little bit fragmented, so I’m going to do it over a few posts, probably over a few days.

First off, and the one that’s probably been most noticable for you, we’ve been having a few technical issues recently. Getting online has been a struggle (hence the lack of updates). For some reason our work internet has been cut, and then reconnected and then cut, and finally reconnected. I’ve also lost the ability to get onto the wi-fi in the office so I’m now using my Orange Internet Everywhere memory stick gizmo for all my online activity. (Yes, I know I just need to jimmy about with the settings, but for some reason no matter how many times I tell it otherwise, our modem will only let me have a valid IP address for 16 mins and 37 seconds.)

Read more…